Dr. Delaram Hanookai, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. Delaram Hanookai is in the industry to brighten smiles and keep her patients happy. The lead periodontist for Southland Dental Care has been in the industry since 1994 where she has been recognized for bone grafting and dental implants. Her experience and her personality as a doctor have made her the best cosmetic dentist in Sherman Oaks.

Education and Certifications

In 1994, Dr. Delaram Hanookai graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery from USC and she got into practice immediately. Since then, she has operated on thousands of patients and changed smiles all over Los Angeles. In 1998, she got her Master of Science Degree in Craniofacial Biology in USC. In the same year, she received her certification to perform periodontal dentistry and dental implants. She has received praises for her educational accomplishments. This even have given her a spot at USC where she was the instructor of periodontists.

She has attended short courses to better her skills including:
• DDS University of Southern California
• Misch Implant Institute
• USC, as a Clinical Instructor and Periodontics

She continues to learn each year to add to the rich well of knowledge to match new technologies in the field of dentistry. Her continued education in Misch Plant Institute has kept her up to date with everything dentistry. Her certifications include:
• Category 2 Dental Laser surgery
• Conscious oral sedation
• USC School of Dentistry, Service
• Ten Years Part-Time Faculty, Certificate of Appreciation

Dr. Hanookai's Memberships

To even be better Dr. Delaram Hanookai, is a member of some of the dentist associations to ensure that she gets the latest news, laws and developments in the industry. This has gone a long way into making Southland Dental Care one of the best. Among her memberships include:
• The American Dental Association
• Fellow International Congress of Oral Implantology
• Misch Implant Institute
• California Dental Association
• American Academy of Periodontology
• California Dental Association
• San Fernando Dental Society

Dr. Hanookai's Experience and Awards

Over the fifteen years that Dr. Delaram Hanookai has been in practice, she has worked in different institutions besides Southland Dental Care. She started off as a periodontists' clinical instructor at USC where she won California Society of Periodontology award. This award was given to Dr. Hanookai due to her remarkable surgical skills.

She is celebrated for her skills in sedation dentistry. According to many patients, she has performed dental surgery on in Los Angeles; she makes the surgery feel more comfortable. She is also among the most recognized laser dentistry Periodontists in Los Angeles.

At Southland Dental Care, she works together with her team to realize greater results.


Dr. Delaram Hanookai has been trained in everything dentistry, and through her experience, she has bettered her skills to offer dental surgery among other specializations.

Dental Implants

You can have your teeth replaced with an artificial one when your original tooth is destroyed in a way that you cannot have it repaired. This is a common routine that has Dr. Hanookai has performed on thousands of patients. Her skills in dental implants are remarkable as evidenced by reviews from former patients.

Gum Tissue and Bone Grafting

Dr. Hanookai is good at dental surgery. Bone grafting is done to enhance dental implants. Dr. Hanookai realizes that bone grafting can change the way people view themselves and how other people view them. To this end, she has sharpened her skills to brighten smiles.

Sedation Dentistry

This is one of the procedures that Dr. Hanookai is known to do so well. It is like any other sedation where the patient is put to sleep until their surgery is done. According to patients, they woke up and the procedure was done.

Laser Dentistry

Dr. Hanookai has changed the appearance of patients by changing the appearance and the shape of gums. This procedure is simple and Dr. Hanookai does it with great precision and fast. This is due to the fact that she has done it for long. This being one of the procedures that can change the look of a person, she does it with much passion, and she has been able to change the look of many people.

Brighten Smiles

With Craniofacial degree, Dr. Delaram Hanookai has changed faces. She has been able to align jaws to establish a good bite, establish good teeth alignment and change the outward look of a person. She has received lots of praises for her work, and she continues to change lives.


Satisfied patients have taken to the internet to praise Dr. Delaram Hanookai for her good work and she continues to get accolades even from her fellow dentists. Most of the testimonials claim that she does what she does with so much passion and love. This makes patients feel they are in good hands, a fact that goes a long way into creating a legacy for herself in Los Angeles and for Southland Dental Care. She has moved to be among the best Sherman Oaks dentists.

Some of the testimonials have called her the best cosmetic dentist while others the best dentist. She not only has great skills, but she is also well versed with the latest equipment in dentistry, allowing her to perform surgery. Her friendly services have won hearts.